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Aaron Ozee is an American poet that has published five books of poetry since 2012, writing his first collection titled, “Celestial Inferno: Poems of Another Realm” at age fifteen, which has marked Ozee as one of the youngest authors ever to be published in the world.

Constructing works of literature since the early age of five sparked a journey that would forever remain as Ozee's primary focus until this very day in time. After working with components of short stories for several years between the ages of seven and eleven, Ozee had ventured into the artistry of poetic writing and eventually deemed that as his calling in life and his main study in his career. At age twelve, Ozee had begun to compose works of poetry and regularly submitted them to popular poetry database and social networking website, With one of Ozee's first poems, “Breaking Home”, he was able to grasp a position as one of the top three hundred and five finalists in the United States through a content held by the online community recently affiliated with his works.

Three years following the initial launch of Ozee's account, he at last came to the realization that it was time to compile his poems together and release his first title with world-leading online self-publishing company, Lulu Press Incorporated. Ozee was an instant success in the eyes of his peers and supervisors as they watched him nearly be featured in every local paper in the surrounding areas of Addison, Illinois, such as The Lombardian, The Villa Park Review, My Suburban Life, and many others that took and interest in his story.

Four more books would follow in the next two years, all of which were released through Lulu Press Incorporated and Smashwords Incorporated, both as Print-On-Demand and eBooks. Each of Ozee's titles are listed with chain retailers such as Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Kobo Books, Sony, Lulu, Smashwords, and Baker & Taylor. Ozee has been featured on notable website such as CBS Moneywatch, The Boston Globe, Google, Bing, and Yahoo News, The Houston Chronicle, and Thompson-Reuters for his success in the publishing industry.

Today, Ozee is continuing onward towards the next greatest milestone in his career as a professional author and entrepreneuer. Aaron Ozee presently stands as one of the 21st Century's most prominent and renown poets.

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Names: Aaron Ozee
Function: Author
City/State: Addison , Illinois
Zipcode: 60101
Country: United States
Number of visitors: 1983


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