Michelle Antoinette King
Activity / Company:   SOS CHILDREN S VILLAGES



Michelle King an accredited HR Professional registered with the SABPP as an HR Practitioner in the category of Generalist. Registration number 7686 and also a registered student social worker with SACSSP.Reg no, 40-31356.
Most recently been awarded an honorary membership with South Africa Business Network and have qualified for inclusion in the 2012 edition of the World Business Almanac. Have also been elected honorary global think tank member of The DNR Foundation.( Development and Research Foundation.)
Current studies include an honours degree bachelor of social work (BSW 02054 - NEW CURRICULUM).
Core Competencies include Computer literacy, Pastel Version 6 and Version 8 certificates, practical bookkeeping and computerized bookkeeping experience. Some banking sector exposure, a great deal of FMCG experience and a bcomm degree specializing in Human Resource Management through Unisa,
Also have successfully completed a post graduate certificate through GIBS and University of Pretoria in Leadership Development and Social Entrepreneurship which is equivalent to a mini MBA, Educational Sector exposure and most recently working for an International NGO in the capacity of Director. Currently is a task team member for Quality Management Approach at SOS and have developed a handbook for QMA. As well as being placed in charge of developing a National Retention Strategy for SOS. Other developments include the children’s database as well as a court order status review database.
I am a hardworking, driven individual who keeps stringent deadlines. My forte is task accomplishment as I am a meticulous, result oriented, figure oriented, peoples person. My personal attributes include inter-alia, honesty, perseverance, diligence, goal orientation, task completion, resilience, determination and drive. I take pride in my work and my accomplishments.

Facilitate and implement organisational development interventions (i.e. team building sessions)
Provide input and support around organisational design.
Advice and support on all people practices e.g. performance management, workforce planning etc.
Participate in relevant training interventions
Responsible for full end to end recruitment
Implement and maintain the performance management programme
Advise and support on all labour relations matters (misconduct, poor work performance, incapacity etc)

Effective Systems and Administration across Business Units:

Facilitate implementation of standardized solutions across Business Units keeping abreast with new developments pertaining to legislative and employee matters

Monitor, compile and provide employee-related information and statistics as required across the business

Record and supply information

Complete and submit relevant HR Reports

Manage and provide feedback on salary input information as forwarded by Line Management

Ensure that Line Management are aware of policy updates and their availability on the company intranet

Provide information and advice on Company and stated Benefits

Facilitate the communication of staff-related matters

Implement and assist with the development of HR Systems, Policies and Procedures

Manage all payroll related matters across the Group i.e. IOD's, Death and Funeral Claims, Stop Pays and other related matters

Effective Capacity Planning and Employment

Review Recruitment Procedures and provide feedback for improvement

Analyze and determine Capacity requirements

Facilitate recruitment of all positions at Facility level according to Central HR Policy and standards

Monitor placement times

Monitor quality of recruits

Ensure compilation of EE Plans and achievements

Effective Organisational Development

Assist with the identifying of potential in conjunction with Line Management

Facilitate Career Growth Planning

Compile a Training Plan for area of responsibility

Ensure staff training needs are addressed by Line Management

Deliver training as per business requirements

Effective Management of Employee Relations

Ensure knowledge of and adherence to ER Procedures, Policies and Legislation

Facilitate and involvement in terms of ER and Performance Matters

Ensure consistency of standards in the application of ER matters

Facilitate Company Climate Surveys

Ensure employment contracts compliance to legal requirements across the Group

Facilitate and ensure satisfactory conflict resolution

Ensure effective communication processed in all directions

Facilitate a healthy working environment

Represent the business at the CCMA

Effective Management of Projects to achieve standardization across the business

Effective planning and execution of projects

Monitor, control and feedback on progress of projects

Conduct an effectiveness audit of project implementation

Draft relevant policies, procedures and standards

Effective Partnerships with Operation

Interact with operational management and staff

Provide a holistic HR service that meets the needs of the area of responsibility

Involvement in and implementation of Initiatives

Effective Leadership

Monitor performance and take appropriate action

Motivate, mentor and coach

Set objective and timeframes and agree on delivery

Provide regular feedback

Create an environment conducive to development and learning

Create a climate in which conflict is openly discussed and resolved

Ensure that HR delivery is in line with Company Policy and Procedure

Effective Self-Management

Follow through to ensure that personal quality and productivity standards are consistently and accurately maintained

Demonstrate consistent application of internal procedures

Plan and prioritize, demonstrating abilities to manage competing demands

Demonstrate abilities to anticipate and manage change

Demonstrate flexibility in balancing achievement of own objectives with abilities to understand and respond to organizational need

Professional registrations
Tax Practitioner – SARS TP No. PR75548C4
HRP Generalist – SABPP Registration number 7686
Institute of Directors – IOD Member
SACSSP Registration number 40-31356

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Michelle Antoinette King

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Names: Michelle Antoinette King
Function: Director
City/State: PIETERMARITZBURG , kwazulu natal
Zipcode: 3201
Country: South Africa
Number of visitors: 973


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